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Rebuild is the new and best mass gainer supplement manufactured by AVN. It contains 23g protein, 4g creatine, 2g dietary fibers in each 100g. Everyone dreams of building up an attractive body having a proper shape and wants to build up muscles hence appearance matters a lot. Being underweight also invites various diseases because of a weak immune system so it has to be managed to sustain a healthy life. Use of weight gain supplements is therefore, a necessity for lean people. These supplements can be highly beneficial for fast weight gain. AVN Rebuild Mass Gainer is the best mass gainer as it is calorie-dense supplement with an ample amount of carbohydrates, sufficient proteins along with vitamins and minerals. Available in many sizes and flavour options. The focus remains on the carbohydrate content in mass gainers. Generally, the ratio of carbs versus protein is 3:1. it’s consumed in gaining phase. So if your goal is to grow big and gain weight, you need to consume extra calories and it’s the right choice when you want to pump up your muscle with extra calories for muscle growth. It can be consumed either with water, milk, and with beverage of your choice scoop

Compact Muscle Gainer

Each serving(75g) of Compact Muscle Gainer provides 301kcal, 3g creatine,1.5g dietary fibers along with 21g protein per 100g which helps in a high-performance workout and to build lean muscle. AVN Compact Muscle gainer is delicious in taste and perfect in quality. It provides adequate protein and many other essential nutrients that boost the immune and metabolic system. High-quality nutrition of Compact Muscle gainer supplement helps to increase muscle size and boost muscle strength. Why Compact Muscle Gainer? • It increases body insulin levels, which maximizes muscle protein hypertrophy. • It is a cost-friendly supplement in India. • It helps to gain lean muscle mass. • It has been scientifically validated to help build more muscle size and strength. People who can use:- Compact Muscle Gainer is the best product for gym enthusiasts, athletes, health-conscious or skinny people and have no side effect. It is more than relevant to stay physically sound and to remain mentally fit to tackle our personal life. Direction:- Mix one serving (75g) with 450-500ml milk and consume one serving daily after your workout. Diabetic, pregnant & breast feeding women should only use this product upon the advice of a qualified licensed physician & dietician.