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23g Protein & 5g EAA 4g of Glutamine precursor Gluten and Hormone Free Faster Muscle Gain Prevent Muscle Breakdown

AVN Gold Whey+ Protein Powder

Gold Whey+ protein is one of the best whey proteins for lean muscle building. It includes a rich amount of protein and amino acids that helps fast muscle growth and prevent muscle breakdown. 1 heaping scoop(33g approx) of Gold Whey+ delivers 25g of protein, 5g of BCCA and 10.7g of EAA which is enough to fulfill protein requirement after the hardcore workout performance. Rich in essential amino acids (EAA) to enhance strength and stamina. Gold 100% Whey protein is low in carbohydrates and fat. So, it helps in fat loss as well. It is a premium grade protein as the raw materials of this supplement are directly imported from the USA to maintain the quality of the supplement at its best. To ensure the quality of Gold Whey+, ingredients are tested for purity before using in the supplement. It is easily digested and can be absorbed by the body instantly. Regular use of Gold Whey+ protein may give your body optimum muscle mass. It is specially manufactured to build a lean and ripped physique. So, one who wants a perfect muscular body should prefer Gold Whey+ protein to get desired results. Benefits of Gold Whey+ :- • AVN Gold Whey+ provides the highest amount of protein (25g), BCCA (5g) and EAA (10.7g) in each serving. • It is fortified with the digestive enzyme that helps in digestion and absorption of protein in a better way to meet the increased requirement of protein for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. • Gluten-Free nutrition with zero sugar and fillers. • Gold Whey+ protein not only helps you to build the perfect physique but also improves your immune system to maintain overall health functioning.